Taylor Ryerson moved from Phoenix to New York at the age of 21 with a dream. She knew if she wanted to take her design dreams to the next level it wasn't going to compel in the small town of Carefree, AZ. She spent the last of her savings on a flight to NYC for just a 1 hour interview that would hopefully land her in the big city. A week after her return home she was offered this position and was asked to move in 2 weeks. She sold her car, packed what she could into 2 suitcases and booked her one-way ticket to the Big Apple. 


tayground is  an array of unisex pieces inspired by traveling to many places and what it takes to get there; personal experience, overcoming life's challenges and pushing through, the greatest of love and the greatest of struggle, laughing through it all, and making the most of what you've got. We hope you feel inspired and playful in tayground; remembering to not take life too seriously.